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Chinese Character Banner

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Hello all, welcome to my blog! Today I would like to share this project of mine using March kit. Now, this is a little different because I'm actually making a project using Chinese characters. I thought it would be great and just in time to welcome the lunar year of goat, I hope this is something you are interested in making.

I created this using the 5-piece acrylic circle album but instead of using all five pieces I used four and the other one would be the project I shared with you last Saturday! If you don't remember, it was an invitation card.

The characters are "合”,“家”, “平” and “安” which means "Whole", "Home", "Peace" and "Safe" respectively. I also put down the definition of each word underneath the Chinese character using the alphabet card stock stickers.

Due to the lighting issue, the color of the following pictures are slightly different compare to the one above.

I even made the green pieces that hang below the banner using card stocks! It looks real, isn't it? hehe

I consider this my favorite piece of home decor that I made so far, I hope you like it too! You can find the kit in the club store HERE. The items that are not included in the kit are the pink twine and blings in the center of paper flowers.

Thank you for your time, I hope you have a fun time creating using Clear Scraps' kit! 
1 comment on "Chinese Character Banner"
  1. Oh my goodness, Alexia - this is a beauty. What a vision to create this gem and have it to grace your home with it's beauty and inspirational message! Love this - thanks for sharing and I hope it inspires others as it has me! :)


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