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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
OMG!! Oh My God! Guess who called me yesterday?? It was Beth Kingston from Xyron, I'm still very excited to know that I was chosen to be on their design team for the coming term! I was so happy (I still am) I totally missed her name (***shame on me***). I can't wait to work for them, I love their products so very much I use them in every of my projects since I started my crafting journey. Thank you Xyron and Beth and everyone for giving me this BIG opportunity, it means so much to me! ***grateful*** :)

Xyron announces the design team today too on their blog or Facebook! Check it out HERE!

Have a great day!!
2 comments on "GREAT NEWS!!"
  1. HUGE Congratulations Alexia and so very well deserved!!!! :D

  2. Big congrats so excited for you!


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