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Back To School - Crayons Holder

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Hello all! Sharing with you today is a DIY crayons holder I made for Xyron's Back To School week. Step by step instruction is provided.

Tutorial starts here:

Step 1: Trim a piece of card board (I used one of those boxes from USPS) to the size of a 12 x 12 patterned card stock that you decide to use as the background of the holder.

Step 2: Adhere card stock on top of the trimmed 12 x 12 cardboard 

Step 3: Cut the holder's templates (I designed and cut these with my Cameo)

Step 4: Fold the templates

Step 5: Apply adhesives (I used Xyron  1/4" double sided tape) to all the edges

Step 6: Adhere holders to the 12 x 12 card board from Step 2

Step 7: Cut embellishments (I designed and cut these cute color labels with my Cameo)

Step 8: Run the cut outs through  Xyron 2.5" Sticker Maker

Step 9: Embellish the holders with the cut outs and holder background with card stock stickers, card stock strips/borders, etc. Anything your heart desires! :)

This is how it looks like when it's done.

Another view

The front view (for the hanger, punch holes on the top of holder and insert ribbons). 

Products/Supplies list:

Thank you for looking, I hope you like this project! :) 

3 comments on "Back To School - Crayons Holder"
  1. Very fun and so creative!!
    Love it!!

  2. Such a fun way to keep all of the colors organized. I love it!


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