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Letterpress Effect Using Metal Die

Friday, May 27, 2016
I'm back with another card using the same Cabbage Rose die I posted couple weeks ago, if you missed it - click here! Today I want to show you another way to use this die, this time we will print the pattern of the die on the card stock paper. Letterpress? Why not?!

To do this you will need a dauber and an ink pad of your choice. I love this pink and purple-ish color on my grey pattern card stock. Start by inking the inside of the die (where the cut line is), secure the die with a tape on the paper and run it through your cutting machine. The pressure will force the ink to print on the card stock paper. Again, this works best if you use thicker card stock paper. 

- Apply even color on the die for a better result. 
- Clean the die completely before you start with a different color. 

Isn't the result just lovely? 


I hope you like the card and I will return to share more inspiration with you! If you'd like to know more techniques to create using this die, let me know! Or share your projects with me, I'd love to see them! Thank you for visiting my post today and wish you a beautiful day! - Happy Crafting!
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