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4th of July Stamp Sets

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Looking for 4th of July Stamp Sets? They are now coming to Crafter's Companion website! I created this card with the the stamp sets listed at the end of post. I used the firework stamps with foils and they are perfect for creating customized background for card!

I chose black cardstock for the dark sky and colorful fireworks using gold, teal and pink color foils. This is my first time printing foils using my printer. You heard it right, my printer! I had tried foiling with my regular laminator but it doesn't work every time and I don't want to invest in the MINC machine which I heard it's pretty much another laminator except that it has power settings. So I gave this method a try and worked like a charm! Awesome..!! 

Tips: Make sure you use laser printer, an inkjet printer will not work! If you are working with different colors of foils, simply cut the foil into small pieces and secure it with tape over the area you want to apply the foil. I only tape on one side of the foil (the side where cardstock is fed to the printer), taping both sides of foil might cause bubble trapped in the area to be foiled and ruin the outcome. 


- Crafter's Companion Independence Stamp Set
- Crafter's Companion 4th of July Stamp Set

Other Supplies:
- Foils (Gold, Pink, Teal)
- Star Sequins

Have fun and good luck trying this out! 
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