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Mother's Day Waterfall Album and Card Combo

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Hello CutCardStock fans! I'm back today with this waterfall card and album combo project for Mother's Day! This is my first project using waterfall design and I can tell you this is really amazing. I love the idea and by combining it with the brown bag kraft envelopes, it can now store pictures, notes and other memorable things. Check below for tutorial to create this fun and cool looking album.


Step 1: Cut the inner shape as shown in picture above, 5 1/8" x 5 1/4", make sure do not cut the right side of the card stock.

Step 2: Remove the shape marked with red lines, the space between the inner shape and red lines should be 3/4" wide.

Step 3: Prepare 5 Envelopes. Re-size four of the envelopes by removing 1/2" in increment for each of them. For example, remove first envelope at 1/2", second at 1", then 1 1/2" and finally 2". Remove excess to form smaller envelopes. The second picture above shows the result from this step.

Step 4: Turn the blue card stock over and score the inner square at 1/2" intervals, start from the right. There should be a total of five 1/2" scored and folded areas. Prepare a brown card stock that is 5 1/4" x 7" in size, score and fold at 1/2" on the left and adhere on the first 1/2" of the blue card stock. See picture above.

Step 5: Turn blue card stock over and start gluing the Kraft envelopes to the blue card stock. First, glue the regular size envelope on the first 1/2" of the inner square then followed by second smaller so on and so forth until the smallest envelope is adhered to the last scored 1/2" of the blue card stock.

Step 6: Decorate the envelopes with patterned card stocks and embellishments. Cut a larger heavy card stock to use as the base and glue the bottom of the waterfall album (make sure to not glue the right side of the album).

Here is what you will get...

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1 comment on "Mother's Day Waterfall Album and Card Combo"
  1. Awesome! I'll
    have to try this.
    Carla from Utah


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