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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Isn't it funny sometimes you have no time at all for weeks to create just one card, the other time you find yourself create a couple of them in a day? Today is the day for me, I created two cards (***feeling happy and satisfied***)! It really is therapeutic to being able to sit down without interruption and make something we like/love!

Ok, back to the topic...I'm just gonna upload one card here because I have submitted the other card that I made to Paper Crafts contest, the condition indicates that the work should not be published anywhere else on the internet, so I'll keep it a secret, for now. :) 

Here is the other card I made today. I'm going to submit this for another contest too but since they don't say I cannot post it online so I guess I'll share. hehe 

I'm so glad that thing has finally going back on track, I started creating again after a long hiatus last year due to the birth of my second child. Things that I know after the delivery of my daughter was - BUSY, so I basically don't know anything. Evangeline, my daughter is almost 8 months old now hence I get a little (I really mean 'little') time off for myself to create. I'm just grateful for everything that I have. Thank you too for still reading my blog. :) ***showing my gratitude***

That's all for now folks, I hope I manage to post more not long from now. I'll see you then. xoxo.

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