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3D Paper Back Pack

Saturday, August 22, 2015
Hello to all my crafty friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day as you continuing on with the day. As we all know the school starts in September (really soon) and I feel sad to think that my son is going to leave me for most of the day (although "Yea" to more crafting time for me but "Boo" more crafting time together with him!). Today he created this project with me, he helped me to glue the patterned paper on this cute little back pack. Isn't he the sweetest?! :)

How do you like this adorable back pack that you can load plenty of stationery for back to school as a gift to teachers? I made this cut file in two versions, one is smaller and the other one is larger. For the instruction to create this back pack "box", I have the tutorial for you below.

The project shown above is created with the larger file, so you'll need 2 sheets of Esse Card Stocks.

Grab the cut file from the bottom of this post, here is what you should get on your silhouette designer screen. "Ungroup" the image and cut the file separately with each of the Esse card stock.

Here is the result from the cutting:

Next you are going to assemble the two cut-outs together. Refer to the picture above, fold along line where it labels A on the first cut-out and adhere to the second cut-out where it labels B.

After that, cut patterned paper to the shape of the back pack and adhere them to the back pack. I used Velcro for the snaps, you can get this at Staple or Amazon.

I also created this small pocket for the front of the back pack and it actually hold stuff! Not just an embellishment. :)

Finally I hot glued the button to the front of the back pack cover to make it looks like a button opening back pack.

There it goes!

And yes, I can't help but to embellish the straps with punched out stars! Aren't they cute?! LOL

That's all you need to make someone happy about going back to school, teachers or students they all need a little treat sometimes. :) I hope you enjoy this last project of mine. I look forward to sharing with you all my projects again in the future, or you can follow my blog here. I  greatly appreciate your time.

Have the most wonderful day and never stop creating!

P/S: And don't forget, the ESSE card stock is on sale! :)

Download Cut File: Small Back PackLarge Back Pack

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