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Halloween Party Hat!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014
Hello all, hope you are having a fantastic weekend! I can't believe it's October already!! How time flies. I think to most people this is one of the best months of the year because of....Halloween! Decorations, party, trick or treat, how fun! I'm getting prepared myself to celebrate it with my family, made some Halloween projects with Clear Scraps October Kit - which I will be sharing one of them today! If you like it, you can follow the tutorial to make one too. Guess what? It's a Halloween Party Hat, you can even wear this one for trick or treating! hehe. My son has already claimed this hat his. :)
 Here is the party hat I did with the kit, love the saggy bag. It's so cute I couldn't help to turn it into this hat. Love the mini arcylic albums too, too cute. Perfect for Halloween projects! Insturctions for making this hat is as following:
DSC02695    DSC02697
Tutorial begins here:
Step 1: Find a cardboard cylinder with the diameter/size fits just nice into the saggy bag (I used a salt container that is slightly smaller than 3" in diameter - see picture below) and cut at about 1-1/2" wide.

Step 2: Trim a strip of card stock, about 3" wide and length just long enough to fit inside of the cut out cylinder (see second picture)
Step 4:  Glue the strip of paper to the inside of the cylinder with a glue gun.

Step 5: Cut the excess of card stock strip into something like the following

Step 6: Cut a circle disc (use thicker material such as heavy card board so it can support the weight of the top piece of the hat), outer circle is 8" in diameter and inside should be the diameter of the cylinder.

Step 7: Insert the circle disc above into the piece from Step 5 and glue the flaps onto the card board disc.

Step 8:  Prepare another two card stock discs, first one will be the same size as the one in Step 6, whereas the second one will be the same for the outer diameter but the inner circle diameter is 1.5" larger than one in Step 6.

Step 9: Glue two disc together and insert the result from Step 7, glue this two discs to the card board disc too

Step 10: Stuff the saggy bag with some plastic bag or tissue paper (ones you use for wrapping gift), this is to make the saggy bag looks stuffy instead of flat.

Step 11: Glue the stuffed saggy bag to the cylinder, the exposed side.

Step 12: Now it's time for embellising the hat!

Final result......(well... I guess you have already seen this at the beginning of post - hehe)
DSC02699     DSC02701
TIPS: For making the bat and ghost decoration pieces, trace the acrylic shapes on card stocks and cut them out. Run the cut-outs through sticker maker (the sticky side should be on the patterned side) and stick them on to the acrylic shape.

Not included in kit: Ribbons, patterned paper on the circle disc, green netting.

Other products used:
- Xyron Mega Runner
- Xyron 2.5" Sticker Maker
That's it! Thank you very much for your patient, I can't believe how long the tutorial is (I hope it didn't bore you out- hehe)! To grab this amazing October kit, go to
I appreciate you for taking your precious time to check out my post! Happy creating and Happy Halloween! 
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