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DIY Christmas Ornament

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Check out this DIY ornament I created using oatmeal container! Reuse and up-cycle unused items into something new. Not only it's cost effective but also environment friendly! Very festive for the season. You can personalize it by putting something different in the center on the container, such as pictures and other memorabilia items. 

Usually the oatmeal container is pretty tall, I cut it down to about 1 1/4" wide and use the original cover as the base. Add mini ornaments by punching two small holes on the side of the container and string twine and ornaments through. Then glue the clear acetate to the back of the opening and you get this! Don't forget to decorate the background with patterned papers if desired. 


- Hot Glue Gun
- Twine
- Mini Ornaments
- Clear Acetate
- Oatmeal Container
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