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Letterpress and Embossing

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Trying out letterpress using embossing folder from Couture Creations, I won a package from them awhile ago and there are a total of 10 embossing folders in them and other super addictive goodies such as blings and pearls. Loving them very much and I've been creating more lately!

Just want to share some cards with you, here are some cards I made:

I think the black and white both looks pretty elegant together.

This is how it supposed to look like using the embossing folder.

Another reversed embossing using same embossing folder. Either ways they still look really good! Love the pattern, I wanted to try the letterpress with coloring so to add more dimensional look to the embossed pattern but I don't have the tool in hand. Maybe next time? 

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