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Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Realized I'd never scrap about myself so here is it, a picture of me of year 2007, a day after my birthday! I remember I celebrated my 23rd birthday alone in Singapore cos had to go to work the next day so couldn't go back to my home in Malaysia. Well, it wasn't bad, I had a pretty good day myself hanging out places in Singapore. Oh Singapore, I miss you so much, miss the city life! Can't wait to see you again next year January during our trip to M'sia for CNY celebration.

Back to the layout, I used felt fabric this time. Nothing much special to see on picture until you can experience and touch it. Just different. lol. I used green one for the leaves too! Went to Michael's last week and they had it on sale so I grabbed some thinking maybe I can use it on my projects, card, scrapbooking, etc. Of course as usual, I bought several things that I not exactly wanted. That's the downside of being a member, you just have to spend more to get the offer. However, I enjoyed the shopping (which matters most):P

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