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Saturday, October 22, 2011
Wow...It has been awhile since my last post, been busy with other stuffs, joined few different websites about bookscraping and keep my posting there most of the time thus delayed posting on my blog. Appreciate your patient and please bear with me, here are some of the latest to share with you: :)

We went pumpkin picking a week ago (before the weather turned this chilly!) and we picked two big pumpkins and three little baby pumpkins. Actually it was only me and my husband because Jon decided to take his nap when we about to leave home. Mmmm...too bad can't take picture of him with piles of pumpkins! was a great price for all the pumpkins, 21 bucks including the baby ones (it supposed to be 40 bucks for two giant pumpkins so we really got a great deal). Jon was kinda excited when we showed him the pumpkins for the first time, he was unwilling to give up the pumpkins in exchange for other stuffs which he usually would. He was quite afraid of the big pumpkins though and not dare to have any contact with them. Anyway, after few attempts he is now friend with them. Ok, enough with the story, take a look at the layouts:

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