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For Mom

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Mother's day is about three weeks away, I don't want to miss making Mother's day card for my family this year so I decided to make it early. I'm very glad we were able to travel home to see my family this past January. This is just the first Mother's day card I just completed, going to send this to my mom. My mom is not in good shape these days, she has diabetes and had one of her toes removed last year due to injury and infection after that. Although she had recovered she insisted to live by herself instead of with my siblings who live closer to her than I am. My mom is half way across the globe from me, so far we can only make it to go back every other year. I wish we can travel more often in the future when we are more financially stable.

So here is the card....

Inside card is stamped "Happy Mother's Day" title

I want to make couple more to send out to my sisters, relatives and friend's mother too so I think I will be posting more Mother's cards in the upcoming post! :) 

Have you made any Mother's Day card yet? Please leave me a link so I can visit, leave you some love and steal inspiration from you! hehe

Good night and thank you for looking!

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