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Saturday, April 20, 2013
Hello all, how are you doing? Thank you for still following my blog! I've been busy with my daughter since she was born last year November, never had the chance to craft anything until not long ago I received a gift from a long distance relative from Japan. My sister's mother-in-law had gotten a thoughtful gift for my daughter thus to show my appreciation I created this card. First time with red and blue...didn't know they came out so well! Simply loving it...!

Then yesterday I got enthusiastic and created two more cards for Mother's Day! Way to go to myself! lol Finally started to feel like crafting after a long hiatus. Can't wait to see what idea is coming up next!

 In case I don't post anything before Mother's day after this post, Happy Mother's Day to you all! And thanks for stopping by!

Xyron Mega Runner Refill On Sale!!

Friday, April 5, 2013 is having sales and the mega runner refill is only $5.99 per refill, 1/2 inches wide or 1/4 inches at the same price! This is the cheapest I found so far on the internet! is selling at 10.99 each...increased a dollar from 9.99 they sold previously. Grab some now and store it so you will never run out! I do the same lol By the way, offer ends 4/9/2013!

Here is the link to Blitsy:

Good luck and please purchase using the above link so I can get couple of rewards! :)) TIA!

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